2 in 1 - Jeep Tour

Twoo in one

 Golden circle & South Shore

By jeep to the most breath-taking places in Iceland on 1 day:
Volcanoes-Geysers-Waterfalls-Glaciers-Black beach of south coast and the continental drift.

In this trip we will stop to have a good coffie break witch is our complementary to you, inspite we recomend you bringing some snack for the day with you, If not we will stop at the local places as we go for your convenience.

   - Thingvellir with continental fissures
   - Geyser that geysers name came from
   - Mt. Eyjafjallajökull(E15) erupt 2010
   - Glacier Myrdalsjökull who keep Katla
   - Gullfoss  The Golden Waterfall
   - Waterfall Skógafoss
   - Waterfall Seljalandsfoss (behind walk)
   - Black sand beach






Duration 10-12 hours
Pick up from hotels at 08:00


38,900 ISK for 1 person
Minumum 2 persons

For booking and reqest email or call
      Tel: (011-354) 893 -0707
      Tel: (011-354) 893 -9933

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