Blue Lagoon and Volcano garden Reykjanes peninsula


Blue lagoon, Lava, magma, Volcanoes, Hot-springs, Caving and some hiking

Super jeep tour into lava field and volcanoes at the south west corner of Iceland. Where the Mid Atlantic Ridge, rises from ocean with more than 100 craters and 200 caves and hot-springs and the Blue lagoon geo- thermal spa, one of world  most visited attractions.

In the tour we stop at some of the worlds most spectacular places:


• Krýsuvík Geothermal area

• Volcano crater
• Flagghouse from year 1777
• Caving into a lava tube
• Reykjanes where the“Atlantic rift” rise from ocean
• Bridge between two continents
• Blue lagoon spa. Entrance not included





Duration 6 hours 

Pick-up from hotels in Reykjavik at 9:00



27,900 ISK for 1 person

For booking and reqest email or call
      Tel: (011-354) 893 -0707
      Tel: (011-354) 893 -9933

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