Discover Iceland on a jet ski


The only event company in Iceland were you can go jet ski!! 

If you have ever been dreaming of riding a jet ski now is the time. While your in Iceland there is no better change of inhaling the beautifull nature and clean waters were you can jump of the jet ski, in to the water and take a mouthfull of a clean water and swallow, it will give you the feeling that you just took a sip of the best water you have ever tasted, pure Icalndic nature with all it's healthy minerals.

Wheter you are in your honeymoon and want to do something exciting and extraordenary or you are a first-timer and have never been on a jet ski before or you are an exellent rider with a lot of experience we will take care of all your needs.

Differnent wariety of jet skiis for different purpose, it really does not matter what you are looking for in jet ski riding, we will find it for you! We know all the best spots wheter you want to do extream, romantic, freestyle, familyfun, sightseeing, learning, whale watching.

There are no limits to what you can experiance here in Iceland while your staying. This is an opportunity you will not get anywere else in the world to ride on so clean waters and in bautifull places.

In longer trips we will drive the jet skiis to other parts of Iceland and have them ready were ever your reqest  takes us.
We allso do have acessories like, water skiis, intlatable tube and etc.

Additional information:
*- English speaking guide

*- Staff member with you over the whole time to assist

*- Super Jeep can be transportation if reqested

Time of operation: All year
Operation from: Reykjavik, 
Duration of trip: 2 to 15 hours optional.
Transportation: 4x4 Jeep

 *- Includes:  Life jacket, wet or dry suit, wet gloves, shoes, refreshments and bevridge.

Pick up: Direct from your hotels in Reykjavik at your time.

Price from:

42,900 ISK for 1 person 
Minumum 2 persons
Duration:  2 - 15 hours


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