Discover Iceland on ATV

Where the city ends, the adventure begins... Fjórhjóla leiga Reykjavík

Discover Iceland like in the old days, when people had to ride though terrain around Iceland to get between places, maybie now the ride it self has changed a little, from being on a horse to being on horsepowered ATV

Our exciting expedition begins along various trails in Mosfellsdallur, by Esja, Reykjavik's signature mountain. We recommend this tour allso for people who have a little experience of driving quads. We will make sure you fully enjoy the capabilities of the ATVs.

You can expect to be taken off the beaten tracks on gravel roads, rocky and muddy terrain, crossing rivers and old bridges down the beautiful back-country of Reykjavik.

Just a few minutes from the city, you get the feeling to be in the middle of nowhere. We will end the tour with driving up to mountain Ulfarsfell where you can enjoy the million dollar view over the city, the bay area and surrounding mountain range.

The Quad Mad experience is definitely one of the most fun tours we offer. Off-roading, river-crossing, dirty and powerful, this is not a tour for the meak!

Additional information:


*- English speaking guide

*- Super Jeep can be 2nd transporttation if people want's to be able to take a break

Time of operation: All year

Operation from: Reykjavik, 
Duration of trip: 4 to 5 hours.
Transportation: 4x4 Jeep

 *- Includes:  Safety gear, light snacks and bevridge.

Pick up: Direct from your hotels in Reykjavik at your reqested time.


32,900 ISK for 1 person 
minumum of 2 persons

For booking and reqest email or call
      Tel: (011-354) 893 -0707
      Tel: (011-354) 893 -9933>

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