South Coast and Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

Iceland-Jokulsarlon-Glacier-LagoonIn this trip we will stop at some bautifull places as the town Vík and Kirkjubæjarklaustur on our way to the Glasier Lagoon and explore. Timing on the trip will vary from time to time since wether will make differense

 Soon after we leave the city, we will pass the mountain Hengill, a central volcano with a giant magma chamber. We will pass the town Hveragerdi and then Selfoss witch rose around the bridge over Olfusa River after its construction and is now the largest town in southern Iceland with around 6500 inhabitants.

Our tour takes us over the Thjorsa River which is the longest of all rivers in Iceland; around 230 kilometres long. We will travel through the town Hvollsvollur and continue to Seljalandsfoss waterfall which cascades from ancient sea cliffs over 60 meters down to a shallow pool. It is possible to take a walk behind the waterfall and enjoy the beautiful scenery, to the north rises the beautiful Eyjafjallajokull glacier, 1666 meter over sea level, the sixth largest glacier in Iceland.

Our next stop will be at Skogar where we will see Skogafoss waterfall which cascades around 65 meters down and is by many considered to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls. Next we drive through Myrdalur where we can enjoy a view of Myrdalsjokull glacier under which lies the central volcanic system of Katla. Southwest of the glacier lies Solheimajokull glacier from which flows the river Jokulsa down to the lowland.

We will go through the village Vik where you can find a sandy beach with some fantastic sights such as the picturesque columnar basalt formations and the magnificent Reynisdrangar peaks. We will continue over Myrdalssandur sand plains, a 700 square kilometres area of black lava sand and ashes. East of Myrdalssandur we will find Eldgjarhraun lava field, which is the largest amount of lava on Earth to flow from a single eruption in historic time. Next to the town Kirkjubaejarklaustur we will see Landbrotsholar hills, one of the largest pseudo-crater areas in the world. We will drive to Foss á Sidu waterfall, where we will have a short photo stop.

We continue our journey east over the glacial river Hverfisfljot that splits two lava fields apart, Skaftareldahraun and Nupahraun. We pass Lomagnupur, a 767 meter high mountain, and further east we pass two major rivers Nupsvotn and Gigjukvisl. We cross Skeidararsandur, an enormous sand plain that reaches from Skeidararjokull glacier to the sea.

We will pass the bridge over Skeidara River which is the longest bridge in Iceland (900 meters) and get to Skaftafell National Park, established in 1967. The glacier tongues of Skeidararjokull, Morsarjokull and Skaftafellsjokull give the National Park a majestic scenery.

Jokulsarlon is the most famous glacier lagoon. It is located at the end of Breidamerkujokull, an outlet glacier of the great Vatnajokull glacier. The depth of the lagoon is about 250 meters and its size is 18 square kilometers. the lagoon it self is so breathtaking that few places on earth can match it's bauty.  Usually we will meet some curios seals who wants to explore us and have theyr picture taken, just to top up the trip.

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- Duration of trip 10 - 12 hours 
- Transportation: 4x4 Jeep 
- Personal travel, maximum of 8. people 


*- This trip Includes: Hiking if reqested, 3x food and bevridge, english speaking guide
*- Bring with you: Waterproof clothing, warm clothing, hiking shoes and your camera!


36,900 ISK for 1 person 
Minumum of 2 persons


For booking and reqest email or call
      Tel: (011-354) 893 -0707
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